Functional Assessments 

Providing an accurate gauge of capacity, functional assessments evaluate an individual’s capacity to perform physical and/or psychological tasks and offer a baseline measurement of ability.

Our qualified allied health team including Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologist perform these assessments within a controlled environment. These assessments help us to understand an individual’s functional tolerances for physical and/or physiological activities following a noted health condition that has limited their performance previously.

When is a Functional Assessment needed?

  • When it is unclear as to the individual’s ability to perform certain tasks and for what durations.
  • If an individual is reporting aggravations of their condition due to task performance within their rehabilitation programs.
  • If there is a risk that an individual’s rehabilitation program may exacerbate their condition.
  • When medical professionals require a greater clarity to help guide return to work planning.

Types of Functional Assessments 

  • Psychological functional Capacity Evaluation

    Assess the suitability of a worker for a role with accurate and informative testing

  • Physical Functional Capacity Evaluation

    Understand the physical health status of workers to determine fitness for duties

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