Pre and Post Surgery

Operations can be incredibly debilitating both physically and mentally, but at Intuitworks we want to ensure you get the most from your surgery and can feel like yourself again soon afterwards.

Pre-Op Exercise 

While we hope to reduce the impact of recovery following an operation, we can also provide support before a procedure. Pre-op exercise refers to a tailored, evidence-based exercise program undertaken with the supervision of your Physiotherapist to improve outcomes following surgery. 

Post-Op Exercise 

Following an operation, your Physiotherapist can work with your surgeon to get the best result possible. The first few months are crucial to ensure you return to your previous level of function and quality of life.

What to Expect 

Treatment can consist of: 

  • Pain and swelling management techniques 
  • Restoring full movement 
  • Strength exercises 
  • A graduated, safe return to previous level of function (daily activities and/or sport when appropriate).