Wellbeing in your workplace

Discover a holistic approach to workplace safety with Intuit Works, your trusted wellbeing experts. Move beyond traditional safety measures and explore the proactive realm of wellbeing to prevent incidents and enhance the overall health of your organisation.

Outside of hard hats and fire exits, employee health and safety now encompass a broader perspective. Our strategic focus on well-being involves specific actions to mitigate risks and elevate overall workplace health. Cultivating wellbeing is not just a buzzword; its a small investment, and Intuit Works are dedicated to support this transformation journey.

How can we help

Ensuring the wellbeing of your staff is a crucial consideration for every Australian business, regardless of size. We provide a range of services to help you integrate systems into your work environment that actively promote and nurture wellbeing. Beyond boosting morale, these initiatives can motivate, engage, empower and encourage your staff resulting in increased productivity and a higher return on investment of your company. Ultimately, well supported employees perform well, and Intuit Works can guide you in facilitating this.

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

    Drug and Alcohol screening can increase productivity, reduce the risk of workplace incidences and absenteeism

  • Employment Assistance Program

    Give your employees professional help when they need it most

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