Psychometric Pre-Employment Assessments 

Why take the risk when psychological pre-employments provide highly reliable predictions about how a person will function within a role or organisation.

We understand employees are the most important resource within an organisation. Having the right people in place working effectively both as individuals and as members of teams is crucial to your organisational success. However, we often find that due to competing demands or skill gaps that the people factors are neglected or misunderstood.

Our team of skilled psychologists are available to assist you in understanding and addressing potential psychological challenges within the workplace.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Screenings 

Pre-employment health checks are some of the most important yet overlooked part of the hiring process. 

Benefits include:

•   Suitable, capable employees fit for work
•   Reduction in psychosocial injuries
•   Reduction in claims and insurance costs
•   Match the capacity of the employee with the role
•   Candidates may be made aware of previously unknown medical conditions

What is involved in a Psychometric Assessment?

Psychological testing is an objective strategy to assess the suitability of a candidate for a job. These assessments strengthen your selection decisions by providing accurate, reliable and impartial information on a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to inherent job tasks. The research indicates that the cost of replacing the wrong hire is between 50% and 150% of an employee’s annual salary.

Initially, our psychologists determine the inherent psychological demands of the role and work environment. Once psychological demands are established, an appropriate psychometric test and set of psychological assessment procedures are specifically designed.

Assessments can be scaled from basic screening to comprehensive evaluations to identify the best candidates for leadership, safety-critical or complex roles.

Candidates are assessed against

  • Coping & Resilience,
  • Adaptability,
  • Communication,
  • Exposure Trauma and Violence,
  • Integrity.

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Types of Psychometric Tests 

  1. Our psychologists have access to the following tests:
  2. Coping Strategies (CSA)
  3. Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment (MEIA-R)
  4. Executive Functioning (BRIEF-A)
  5. Personality Profile (NEO FFI-3)
  6. Test of Abstract Reasoning (TAR)
  7. PTSD Trauma Screening (PCL-5)