Pre-Employment Health Assessments

Pre-Employment Health Assessments (PEHA) are the best way to determine if an individual’s health and fitness levels are an appropriate match for a given role and its tasks. The assessment can also identify any risks that may arise when a worker completes their duties.

Review candidates, identify risk and rapidly recruit prospective employees.

Our pre-employment medicals offer a quality experience. Our procedures, online platforms and team of professionals allows us to deliver innovative outcomes to improve service delivery nationwide.

Did you know what a wrong hire can cost a business up to 2.5 times the salary of the employee?

Benefits of Pre-Employment screenings

Pre-Employment health checks are some of the most important yet overlooked part of the hiring process.

Benefits include:

•   Suitable, capable employees fit for work
•   Reduction in workplace injuries
•   Reduction in claims and insurance costs
•   Match the capacity of the employee with the role
•   Candidates may be made aware of previously unknown medical conditions

The purpose of a medical assessment is to

•   Review the candidate’s medical history
•   Review the candidate’s capability to meet the
physical requirements of the role
•   Attain recommendations for the candidate’s physical suitability for the role
•   Psychometric testing can help you find the best fit for your team

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