Workplace Assessment

Workplace Assessments are designed to look specifically at the interaction of individuals with their workplaces and are considerate of various factors including physical environments, psychological and cognitive demands, physical job demands, and social interactions. We utilise these assessments to help create safe and productive workspace by bringing human abilities into job performance and workplace design consideration. Our team are able to deliver well-balanced working environments that are able to sustain employee wellbeing and reduces an organisation’s risk of injury or illness in the workplace.

When a workplace assessment may be required?

    • When individuals report being unable to perform certain tasks due to the task and/or workplace orientation
    • If an individual is reporting development and/or aggravations of their conditions due to task performance within their workplace
    • If an employee is unable to clearly determine appropriately modified duties that can support an individual’s rehabilitation
    • When medical professionals require a greater understanding of the workplace to help guide return to work plans
    • If individuals report limited improvement with their condition despite active treatment engagements
    • When trialed workplace interventions have been unable to remove perceptions of discomfort and/or an inability to perform

What is a workplace assessment likely to involve?

    • Identifying the ability to perform work functions and biopsychosocial factors perceivably impacting performance.
    • Education on safe and efficient ways to complete working tasks independently.
    • Promoting an increase in functional ability/tolerance by establishing a plan for the graded return to activities.
    • Determining the need for equipment, therapeutic aids, and appliances to assist with task performance.
    • Determining if there is a need for permanent support, structural changes and/or modifications within the workplace.

What a workplace assessment produces? 

  • A full assessment report completed within 5 working days of assessment providing practical recommendations regarding action plans required.
  • Delivery of a graduated return to work (activities) plans to establish clear timelines for progression (if required).
  • Allied Health advocacy for support with equipment, modifications and services procurement following formal approval receipt.

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