Securing alternative employment opportunities

Vocational rehabilitation services help to facilitate alternative employment opportunities for individuals who cannot return to their previous employment after an illness or injury. Vocational rehabilitation services are designed to help people move into satisfying and appropriate work that better suits their changed capacities, while also minimising costs for employers.

Intuit Works work in accordance with the National Clinical Framework

Our vocational consultants understand the challenges of redeployment into new vocational avenues and help guide individuals toward suitable labour market options that will help them regain work. Given our understanding for the redeployment challenges, we:

    • Incorporate psychometric testing for work readiness in our assessment to better comprehend appropriate program pacing to increase engagement and subsequent results;
    • Conduct Vocational Assessments to develop clear vocational goals considering the strengths and barriers identified and promote strategies to facilitate work transitions with minimal time loss;
    • Focus on individual capacity rather than incapacity and present a minimum of three suitably elected vocational options for treating party approval as we know work is good for you; and
    • Develop clear programs to facilitate an expedited redeployment including job seeking and retraining expectations of all stakeholders.

Personalised Vocational Counseling targeted to getting you on the right path